Crochet the Sweet Tree pot

Hi guys, so long time no see :D Today I will give to all of you a sweet gift for your Valentine day ♥

. You may sell the finished toys you created with the help of these instructions in a limited number, provided a credit to RiO Craft as the designer
. If you like this pattern and would like to share it with everyone, please share the direct link to my blog post, do not repost or translate my patterns on your page without my permission. 
Thank you for your understanding ♥

- Yarn (I use Jeans from YarnArt (2 - Fine (Sport, Baby) yarn; 50g/160m), in colors: beige, red, dark green and white)
>> You will need less than one skein from each color
- 2.5 mm crochet hook (or in accordance with the yarn you use)
- One pair of 5mm safety eyes
- Polyester fiberfill
- Yarn needles, markers and scissors

- MR: magic ring
- ch: chain
- st(s): stitch(es)
- sc: single crochet
- inc: 1 increase = 2 sc in the same st
- dec: 1 decrease = sc 2 together (use the invisible decrease for better result)
- x*: repeat x times
- slst: slip stitch
- (…): stitch count of the row
- BLO: back loops only
- FLO: front loops only
- FO: fasten off

- This pattern is written using American terminology
- The finished pot measures 11cm/4.3 inches approximately. Choosing a different hook and yarn will change the final measure
- We will work in continuous rounds. Do not join or turn if not instructed in the pattern.
- Use a stitch marker. Place it at the last stitch of the row and always move it up when working always to the last stitches of the rows.

It’s time to start! o(≧∇≦o)

- Use red yarn
* The 1st piece:
- R1. MR with 6sc
- R2. 6inc (12)
- R3. (sc1, inc) x6 (18)
- R4. (sc1, inc, sc1) x6 (24)
- R5. (sc3, inc) x6 (30)
- R6-7. sc all (2 rounds)
- FO, leave a 20cm yarn tail to sew later

* The 2nd piece:
- Do the same as the 1st piece but do not FO, then we will join 2 pieces together like this:
- R1. sc27 on sts from the 1st piece, skip last 3 sts, continue to crochet on sts of the 2nd piece: skip the first 3 sts, sc27 on remain sts, the new round is started from here (54)

- R2. sc all (54)
- Use the tail of the 1st piece to sew the hole between 2 pieces

- R3-4. sc all (2 rounds)
- R5. sc11, dec, sc1, dec, sc22, dec, sc1, dec, sc11 (50)
- R6. sc10, dec, sc1, dec, sc20, dec, sc1, dec, sc10 (46)
- R7. sc9, dec, sc1, dec, sc18, dec, sc1, dec, sc9 (42)
- R8. sc8, dec, sc1, dec, sc16, dec, sc1, dec, sc8 (38)
- R9. sc7, dec, sc1, dec, sc14, dec, sc1, dec, sc7 (34)
- R10. sc6, dec, sc1, dec, sc12, dec, sc1, dec, sc6 (30)
- R11. sc5, dec, sc1, dec, sc10, dec, sc1, dec, sc5 (26)
- R12. sc4, dec, sc1, dec, sc8, dec, sc1, dec, sc4 (22)
- R13. sc3, dec, sc1, dec, sc6, dec, sc1, dec, sc3 (18)
- Stuff the heart
- R14. sc2, dec, sc1, dec, sc4, dec, sc1, dec, sc2 (14)
- Break yarn, join dark green yarn to continue
- R15. FLO: (sc1, inc) x7 (21)
- R16. (sc2, inc) x7 (28)
- R17. (sc3, inc) x7 (35)
- R18. (sc2, inc, sc2) x7 (42)
- R19. (sc6, inc) x6 (48)
- FO, leave a long yarn tail to sew later

- Use beige yarn
* The 1st piece:
- R1. MR with 8sc
- R2. 8inc (16)
- R3. (sc1, inc) x8 (24)
- R4. (sc1, inc, sc1) x8 (32)
- R5. (sc3, inc) x8 (40). FO

* The 2nd piece:
- Do the same as the 1st piece but do not FO
- Hold 2 pieces then crochet them together like this: (sc2, inc, sc2) x8 (48). slst

* Continue to crochet the body of the pot:
- R1. ch1 (not counted as 1 st), BLO: sc all, slst (48)
- R2-10. ch1 (not counted as 1 st), sc all, slst
- R11. ch1 (not counted as 1 st), FLO: sc all. FO

* Ears (make 2)
- R1. Use beige yarn, MR with 6sc
- R2. (sc2, inc) x2 (8)
- Flatten then crochet 2 sides together by 4 sc
- FO, leave a long yarn tail to sew later

* Snout
- R1. Use white yarn, ch4, start at the 2nd chain from hook: sc2, 3 sc at the last st, continue to crochet on the opposite side of the chains: sc1, inc (8)
- R2. inc, sc1, inc3, sc1, inc2 (14)
- R3. sc all
- FO, leave a long yarn tail to sew later

- Insert eyes between rounds 7&8 of the pot’s body with a distance of 6 sts between them
- Use brown thread to embroider the nose on the snout then sew the snout to the pot
- Use pink thread to embroider the cheeks
- Sew ears to the top of the pot
- Stuff the pot then sew the heart with the pot

. Hope that you had fun when crocheting ^^
. I'm glad to see your finished product. You can do tag @craftbyrio on your photos and share it with hashtag #craftbyrio on Instagram so I can see your work easily

From RiO with love ♥

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