Crochet curly hair hat for baby | RiO Craft

Size: 6 months

- DK yarn (in brown and beige colors, you will need less than one ball for each)
- US 7 - 4.5mm hook
- Yarn needle, scissors
- MR: magic ring
- ch: chain
- st(s): stitch(es)
- LsDc - make loop stitch with double crochet:
1. Yarn over, insert the hook in the next stitch and pull up yarn
2. Wrap the yarn from back to front over the index finger of your yarn hand. The length of the loop depends on how loose or tight you wrap the yarn in this step.
3. Grab the strand of yarn from front your index finger, and draw the yarn through the first 2 sts on the hook. The yarn on your finger becomes the loop
4. With the yarn loop still on your index finger, bring your hook around the back of the loop, yarn over the hook and draw yarn through the 2 sts remains on your hook.
Repeat the steps to make a round of loops
- inc: 1 increase = 2 LsDc in the same st
- x*: repeat x time
- hdc: half double crochet
- BLO: back loops only
- Round 1: use brown, make MR with 12 LsDc (ch2 at the beginning of the round, not counted as 1 st), slip st in the 1st st of the round

- Round 2: ch2 (not counted as 1 st), (LsDc inc) x12, slip st in the 1st st of the round (do the same with other rounds frow now on) (24)

- Round 3: ch2, (LsDc1, LsDc inc) x12 (36)

- Round 4: ch2, (LsDc2, LsDc inc) x12 (48)

- Round 5: ch2, (LsDc3, LsDc inc) x12 (60)

- Rounds 6 - 10: ch2, LsDc all (5 rounds)

- Break yarn, change to beige

- Round 11: ch2, hdc all

- Rounds 12 - 15: ch2, BLO, hdc all (4 rounds)

- Fasten off and weave in end.

. With a small fee, you will have the pattern with more sizes here (from new born to 5 years)
. The PDF is beautifully formatted for easy printing and downloading, include detail written instruction and photo references
Thank you for your supporting ♥

. This pattern is for personal purposes only.
. You may sell the finished products you created with the help of these instructions, provided a credit to RiO Craft (@riocraft) as the designer
. I would love to see your finished product. Please do tag @riocraft on Instagram and share your picture by using hashtag #riocraft so I can see your work easily
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